6 Great Manicure Options for your Wedding

Your nails are an important part of your wedding day! They will be in your photos with your bouquet and they should be as perfect as everything else! We have pulled together a few of our favorite trends. Let us know or share your favorites in the comments!


Let’s be honest, glitter makes almost every lady instantly happy. There’s something so calming about how it twinkles as the light catches each speck.


This trend has been around for a couple years now and has no sign of slowing down. There are a few ways you can rock the ombré. First, you can do the color fade on each nail where it goes from a dark color at your cuticle to a light color at the end of the nail. Second, you can do a fade across all nails where you start with the dark color on your thumb and paint a lighter color on your forefinger, all the way to your pinkie.


We are so in love with metallics right now, especially copper. You can add small subtle accents of metallic across the finger or paint the whole nail. Either way, your nails will get noticed.

Crystals and Rhinestones

This look isn’t for everyone, but for those who can pull this off, we salute you! Crystals are glitter’s big sister. You have to make sure you are careful or this could end up a disaster. Head over to your local salon and let the professionals take over.


This looks would be so fun for the flower girl in your wedding or if you have younger bridesmaids. Keep it simple, and elegant.

Something Blue

Why not have your something blue on your nails?! We love adding this small touch on your wedding day.

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