OUR MISSIONCreate custom pieces that make each wedding unique and representative of the people getting married.

After searching for weeks to help her friend the perfect wedding invitations, Founder Ashley J. George decided to step in and help her friend by designing her wedding invitations. Ashley worked with her friend to create a custom invitation suite that matched the spirit of the couple perfectly. Following the wedding, requests started pouring in. Friends of friends were in the same situation, they knew what they wanted, they just couldn’t find it. By the end of 2011, by Geooorge was born. Over the years we have expanded to include services including mailing, stuffing, gifts and just recently a photo booth. One thing remains the same, the quest to customize pieces that will help couples make their wedding perfect.


This company was built through friendship. That is something we strive to keep alive. We work with couples that match our values and passion for greatness.


This is your wedding. We want you to be a part of the process the entire way. You will be involved in choosing all the colors, typography, textures and more!


Custom invitations come with a plethora of individual needs. Know we respect and honor all religions, sexual orientations and more. We believe in love.


We want to celebrate with you! We would love to post photographs of your wedding and help get you featured in other large wedding blogs if you would like!


We are open and transparent with our ideas, goals, and actions. We seek to convey our thoughts in a genuine and succinct way to teach or learn.


We strive for an environment that nurtures creativity by providing thinking time & space, resources, and moral support to actualize great ideas.

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Ashley J. George

Right Brain

Sally J. George

Left Brain