Monthly Archives: November 2015


It’s a big deal. It’s your first song as a married couple. You can not mess this up. It should be sweet, slow and innately your and your spouse. How do you find that perfect song?

A lot of couples use “their song,” but what if you don’t have a song? Here are some songs to get the ideas flowing.


The first question you get asked after getting engaged is, “How did he propose?!” That’s a lot of pressure to put on the groom-to-be. So to help the men get the proposal brainstorming going, here are three of our favorite proposal stories!



It’s National Absurdity Day and I am extremely excited to showcase Allebach Photography. While tattoos aren’t so absurd anymore, brides with sleeves and full body pieces are still considered a bit off beat.

Mike from Alleback Photography specializes in photographing these brides to showcase not only their beautiful wedding dresses but their amazing tattoo work as well! He has a knack for highlighting really fun unique things you might not see in your typical wedding photographs.

Below are a few photographs from Mike that we absolutely love! If you love these too, make sure to head over to his website, look around and contact him!