4 Ways to Ask Them To Be Your Bridesmaid

Today is #BestFriendsDay! and for the most important day of your life, you need your ladies there for you. How do you invite them to stand with you at this momentous occasion? Here are a couple ways to inspire inspiration!

  1. Message In A Bottle Necklace
    These are an incredibly adorable way to ask your ladies to stand next to you. When they open the bottle it’s filled with confetti and a very important message. Pick up a package of three or more from BaublesandBelle.il_570xN.648184917_bzaa
  2. Mini Piñatas
    We are obsessed with these minis. They come with confetti and a message, though you can add custom pieces inside just for your ladies! Grab this and other designs from calligraphycult.il_570xN.728306641_e68z
  3. DIY Bridesmaid Lunchbox Kit
    For the ladies that are DIY’ing their wedding Something Turquoise has a great tutorial on how to build the kit. There’s also one for the dudes.SomethingTurquoise-DIY-Will-You-Be-My-Bridesmaid-Lunch-Box_0001-1
  4. Soundtrack
    This one is another great DIY. There are so many friends that have been part of different parts of your life, each bridesmaid would receive a different mix. Songs would be from that one night in Austin when you danced on the bar (let’s be honest, that was every weekend), or the time you went on a road trip after senior year of high school.enhanced-buzz-12737-1390272993-11

We hope these five ideas have sparked some ideas for you! If you’re still stuck, give us a call and we can help you plan your bridesmaid invitations!

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